Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wedding Center Pieces

Needless to say my wedding was the best day of my life! And in true fashion I made just about everything. From the flowers, decorations, guestbook, chalk board signs, and even our wedding party gifts. I made sure every detail was exactly how I wanted it. Like most brides I spent many months looking on print rest and finding ideas of things I wanted for my wedding.  My Husband and I are very rustic people and our wedding reflects that a lot, as you will see in many blogs to come.  I knew from looking online that I wanted to used lantern in my center pieces for our wedding but after working in a flower shop for 10+ years I also knew I wanted flowers galore at my wedding.  I decide to make a rustic box our of wood and then place the the lantern in the box with flowers around it.  Like most of my projects my husband was a big part. Lucky for him I come up with many ideas, and he is so fortune to be the lucky winner to make my ideas come to life. I drew up a picture of my idea and we headed to the hard wear store for wood and stain. 

Much like my husband our son is not exempted from DIY projects. After decide what sizes I wanted, 12x12 would fit the table perfectly and leave enough room once the lantern was in for the flowers, for the boxes him and my husband headed out back to measure and saw all the wood.

 Once everything was cut I started to put the boxes together. I used wood glue on the sized and then out large headed nail in each corner. I picked the larger nail head because it went with my rustic look better. 

After all the boxes were made, 16 to be exact, it was time to stain them. I went with a dark stain, we were getting married in an old barn and I loved the dark colors that were already in the room. 

Now was time for the real fun! Adding flowers! As I've already said a million times after working at a flower shop for a good part of my life I LOVE flowers. Our wedding colors were lime green and pink. So I used green, pink and white flowers in the center pieces. I stuffed them as tightly as I could in the box and around the lantern with hydrangeas, roses, dahilas and carnations.  For me the tighter the flowers the better, and I must say I LOVED the way they turned out! 

And because I didn't want every table to be the same I did some tables with just lanterns that were filled with flowers coming out of them! 

Take note of the wood engaged signed! You can find out all about them in my next blog! 


So for as long as I can remember my life has been DIY, even before it became the in thing to do.  I sent most of my life making anything I could think of, partly to save money and partly because I enjoyed it. I've always loved making my own stuff.  Form working in my families flower shop for years to studying Interior Design in college and being wrapping up in art classes all though high school its safe to say that art and making is a major passion of mine, so I figure why not share it all.  From redecorating my house, to crafty holiday ideas, flower arrangements,  DIY wedding ideas, and remodeling a beach house follow me on my many projects.